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Aldridge Electric Offers Mobile Manhole Rescue Training

The Libertyville, Illinois-based contractor helps save the lives of underground workers by training them in proper manhole rescue techniques.

In the electric utility industry, we've seen trailers used for everything from mobile stockrooms to training spaces. At ESMO 2019, however, we saw a different type of setup that could help save lives of underground workers. 
Aldridge Electric created a trailer to train its employees on safely rescuing fallen workers from manholes. The company set up its trailer on the ESMO 2019 outdoor demonstration grounds, where employees ran through the entire rescue--from calling "Man Down" to raising the victim to safety. Here is a video clip of the rescue in action. For more information and to learn about Aldridge's other safety trailer, look for a future article in the Electric Utility Operations section of T&D World magazine. 


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