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Trimble Partners with Software Provider to Enhance Energy Solutions

Trimble Partners with Software Provider to Enhance Energy Solutions

Collaboration with DIgSILENT Strengthens Power System Analysis and Engineering Analysis Capabilities

Trimble is partnering with DIgSILENT GmbH of Germany, a developer of specialized power system analysis software and services, to enhance its energy solutions for electric utilities.

With DIgSILENT add-on capabilities integrated with Trimble Energy software solutions, electric utility customers will be able to perform a wide range of DIgSILENT PowerFactory network calculation functionalities directly from Trimble Network Information System (NIS) and Distribution Management System (DMS) solutions and use the calculation results in utility network planning and operations.

Additional DIgSILENT PowerFactory functionality with Trimble Energy solutions include optional modules for load-flow, short-circuit analysis, and power quality and reliability assessment, which also supports U.S. standards for asymmetric networks.


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