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Thermal Imager Measures for High Temperature

Wahl Instruments Inc. has added a high-temperature model to its line of Wahl Heat Spy thermal imaging cameras. The high-temperature model HSI3002 measures in the range of 392° to 1652°F (200° to 900°C), and is especially suited for use where high temperature measurement is required. This affordable thermal imager is light, compact, easy to operate, and designed for hand-held use. It also features a tripod mount for remote use.

The HSI3002 is fully radiometric and measures the temperature of every pixel. The "Easy Report" software allows the user to easily insert multiple images, with data, taken during a site survey to produce an inspection report. The imager features a 160 x 120 pixel, uncooled, microbolometer array, capable of displaying high-resolution, real time, thermal images on a bright 3.5” color LCD display with LED backlight. The user may select from among four-color palettes. It has a 20° x 15° field of view, and a trigger activated, Class II laser, which precisely identifies the problem hot spot shown on the marked center of the display. Two measurement cursors, movable anywhere in the image, provide temperature readings at each cursor location, and indicate real-time differential temperature measurement between the two points anywhere along the temperature range.

High quality images can be captured and manipulated online, or problems can be resolved on the spot. The HSI3002 High Temperature imager is powered by a long-life LI-ion rechargeable battery.

Standard accessories included with the HSI3002 are: Easy Report software, rugged, waterproof carrying case, wrist strap, battery, AC adaptor, USB cable, SD card and SD card reader, user manual, and operating software CD.

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