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Tennessee Valley Authority Licenses Triple Point Commodity Trading Software

Tennessee Valley Authority has chosen to implement Triple Point’s Commodity XL for Power and Gas as its trading and risk management software system.

TVA is a federal corporation and the nation’s largest public power company. With revenues of more than $9 billion a year, TVA provides power-service to 80,000 square miles in the southeastern United States, including most of Tennessee and parts of Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia.

“TVA needed a solution that enabled it to accurately measure and manage risk exposure by integrating information from disparate sources within a single, multi-commodity platform. Commodity XL’s real-time, comprehensive reporting capabilities and ability to create reports on the fly without the need to involve IT resources, was a huge selling point,” said Greg Taylor, vice president, global sales, Triple Point. “In addition, TVA had a very tight timeline to implement the project; Triple Point’s Quick Start program was key because it meant TVA would be up and running on Commodity XL in as few as six weeks,” added Taylor.

“Today’s utility companies require robust technology solutions that integrate information across multiple commodities, locations and business areas. With strict corporate and regulatory requirements to meet, Commodity XL’s detailed audit trails, complete risk management support, and flexible yet comprehensive reporting, give utilities the advanced compliance functionality they need," said Michael Schwartz, chief marketing officer, Triple Point. "Commodity XL is an integrated solution that streamlines business operations, eliminates errors associated with manual processes and creates a framework for better trading and risk management,” added Schwartz.

Triple Point Commodity XL for PowerT allows generators, traders, marketers, utilities and other participants in global physical and derivative power markets to gain unprecedented control over their global trading operations. It enables straight-through processing from pricing and trade execution to physical transmission scheduling, generation dispatch and financial settlement. The system's risk management and modeling functions also enable clients to monitor, measure and control all aspects of power market risk (price, load, volumetric, outage rates, credit, delivery, etc.) in a real-time environment, thereby maximizing returns from generation and load portfolios

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