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Network Appliance Integrates Sensor, Actuator Data, Enables Remote Monitoring

Augusta Systems Inc. has released GridMonitor, a network appliance that supports integration of data from edge assets -- including sensors, actuators, wireless sensor networks, RFID systems, imagery devices and other edge assets -- into the OSIsoft PI System, the industry standard in enterprise historians.

Combining Augusta Systems and ECHO -- the Embedded Component Historian Object from OSIsoft for creating embedded data archives -- GridMonitor supports enhanced remote integration, processing, storage and distribution of edge asset data for PI System users. As a result, PI System users can expand the reach of the PI System to include data from edge assets at remote locations. A global base of more than 11,000 installations across manufacturing, energy, utilities, life sciences and other process industries relies upon the OSIsoft PI System to safeguard data and deliver enterprise-wide visibility into operational health in order to manage assets, mitigate risks, and identify new market opportunities.

"GridMonitor is another innovative technology solution that will be incorporated into our grid modernization efforts," said Dave Flitman, president of Allegheny Power. "The system will enable real-time data collection from our distribution network that will improve customer service."

GridMonitor combines Augusta Systems SensorPort with OSIsoft ECHO and an ECHO to PI Interface as embedded software. SensorPort is a reconfigurable network appliance for distributed, intelligent processing at the edge of the network. SensorPort can be integrated into wired and wireless networks -- including WiFi, WiFi mesh, WiMax, CDMA and EV-DO -- to provide field-level device integration, processing, correlation and communications capabilities. ECHO enabled Augusta Systems to add a scalable, robust, high-performance, real-time data archival capability to this appliance. ECHO is designed for ease of integration, scalability, performance, connectivity and functionality with the PI System.

With the combined features of SensorPort and ECHO, GridMonitor also enables remote monitoring at sites that lack constant or consistent communications with enterprise networks that feature the PI System. In the event of communication interruption, remote data is stored and then automatically distributed from GridMonitor to the enterprise-level PI System when communication is restored.

"Grid Monitor enhances the power of the OSIsoft PI System, enabling enterprises to easily integrate edge asset data from remote sites into the enterprise network," said Patrick Esposito, president and chief operating officer of Augusta Systems. "With GridMonitor, an enterprise is assured easy and constant integration of data from remote sites into their PI System. This enables enterprises using the PI System to derive the greatest benefit from their sensors, actuators, wireless sensor networks and other edge-of-network systems and devices."

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