Demand Response and Customer Engagement in One Platform

June 11, 2015
Upgraded Schneider Electric Energy Profiler Online solution builds on value of multi-solution integrated platform

Utilities are racing to embrace evolving roles for customers in achieving key operational, business and regulatory goals. Too often this results in adopting an array of solutions that cost significant capital to install and lag in effectiveness because operators are managing multiple platforms.

Schneider Electric’s cloud-based Energy Profiler Online (EPO) solution provides advanced and unique customer engagement tools that not only combines demand response and energy efficiency solutions on one platform, but also easily integrates with a utility’s legacy systems to enable Green Button connectivity.

Fully integrating customer engagement with the rest of a utility’s operations ensures that new levels of transparency and interaction between customers and utilities are leveraged for maximum value across the enterprise.

With that in mind, Schneider Electric modernized its customer engagement solution making it easier than ever to interact with customers through new functionalities that streamline the user-interface and empower utility customers to discover new ways to manage their energy. Specific upgrades provide users access to:

  • New interactive, tablet-ready, user interface with HTML5 technology
  • Green Button connectivity for third-party applications and end-user solutions
  • Automated demand response via OpenADR 2.0 signaling
  • Near real-time data frequency supporting AMI systems and customer sub-meters
  • Bill estimation scenario modeling for cost optimization and DER project modeling

Commercial and industrial consumers are able to view detailed, accurate energy usage data to help identify ways to decrease energy costs and support participation in demand response programs. In addition to benefiting their relationships with key customers, these solutions assist utilities in meeting government energy efficiency mandates and managing growing load demands without installing new generation capacity.

In addition, EPO, enables a wide range of solutions available by Schneider Electric for the utility and their commercial and industrial customers. From Energy Star benchmarking, to remote building analytics, end-customer efficiency program support, prosumer solutions, and Advanced Distribution Management System integration, EPO provides a foundation by which utilities can deliver significant value for its customers and various stakeholders.

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