Load Control Switch for Utilities

April 7, 2015
Energate Inc. has announced the availability of its latest wired load control switch, the LC2100

Energate Inc. has announced the availability of its latest wired load control switch, the LC2100.

Energate has integrated On-Ramp Wireless’ RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) technology into its LC2100 Load Control Switch, which is part of Energate’s fully integrated demand management solution for utilities and service providers who need a two-way, interactive, secure, low-risk, private communication network with ubiquitous coverage. The RPMA Network has a performance advantage with its 172 dB link budget providing access to hard-to-reach devices.

The LC2100 Load Control Switch is a cost-effective solution managing major residential/light commercial electrical loads, such as air conditioning, pool pumps, and electric water heaters in support of utility direct load control (DLC), energy efficiency (EE), and demand response (DR) programs.

With the built in RPMA technology the LC2100 can be deployed on any RPMA network (existing or new) delivering verifiable DR and EE results. The LC2100 can be used with or without a smart meter, or local internet connection, and provides remote and local event opt-out (when enabled) for consumer convenience.

“The LC2100 incorporates some amazing technology from On-Ramp Wireless allowing Energate to serve customers in urban and rural areas.” said Jorge Deligiannis, Energate’s Chief Technology Officer. “This load switch allows utilities and service providers to easily and cost effectively deliver interactive direct load control and advanced demand response solutions.”

With integrated junction box and advanced status indicators the new load control switch is easy to install indoors or outdoors without specialized equipment. The LC2100 supports not only standard load control (duty cycling, cold load pick-up, and randomization) and pricing programs, but also supports consumer mobile apps, adaptive cycling, and power measurement.

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