Memphis City Schools Selects Efficiency Program to Improve System-Wide Energy Use

Sept. 1, 2011
Memphis City Schools has deployed Enernoc's EfficiencySMART Insight application to reduce overall energy consumption across 25 locations.

Memphis City Schools has deployed its EnerNOC's EfficiencySMART Insight application to reduce overall energy consumption across 25 locations. EfficiencySMART Insight leverages real-time energy-use data to identify and prioritize energy savings opportunities, while also offering Memphis City Schools system-wide and school-level visibility into energy usage and spending. Over the course of the initial three-year contract, EfficiencySMART Insight is expected to provide an estimated five percent annual energy savings for the school system.

EfficiencySMART Insight offers large, multi-site organizations like Memphis City Schools real-time visibility into energy usage and costs across their entire portfolio of facilities. Unlike programs that focus on capital-intensive equipment upgrades, the application allows schools, commercial property, retail outlets, and manufacturers to rapidly identify and harvest a range of low and no-cost energy savings opportunities, reduce energy spikes and related demand charges, optimize energy efficiency investments and strategy, and enhance measurement and verification of ongoing and future energy efficiency projects. EfficiencySMART Insight also enables customers to disseminate real-time alerts and alarms that help avoid potential inefficiencies and minimize payback periods for resource-constrained institutions.

“When funding and staff time are limited, unmanaged energy usage can quickly eat into budgets. EnerNOC’s energy management applications help to keep costs under control so that educators can stay focused on creating a positive learning environment for their students,” said Tim Healy, Chairman and CEO of EnerNOC. “We see demand response and energy efficiency working hand-in-hand, and our existing DemandSMART demand response customers like Memphis City Schools clearly recognize the value of adopting a broader energy management strategy.”

EfficiencySMART Insight is part of the EfficiencySMART suite of applications and services. Designed to deliver energy savings to customers based on their actual energy usage patterns, the suite also includes EfficiencySMART Commissioning, which includes traditional, new building, and persistent commissioning, and EfficiencySMART Services, which offers energy engineering, strategic planning, and project design.

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