Building Energy-Retrofit Projects and Submetering

Nov. 2, 2011
How electric submeters can help facility operator’s measure, verify, and report energy performance.Read more...

Energy-efficiency retrofit projects require major planning, insight, and resources. The good news for facility operators — and electrical contractors — is that inexpensive submeters and energy intelligence software can provide the necessary energy data acquisition, analysis, and presentment that will ultimately prove their value through demonstrated energy savings and lower operating costs.

According to PlaNYC, New York City’s comprehensive road map to a “greener” municipal infrastructure, approximately 75% of the Big Apple’s current carbon footprint comes from buildings expected to occupy some 85% of city real estate through 2030. In response to these projections, the New York City Council adopted various high-impact energy conservation ordinances under the umbrella of the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP). Signed into law by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg in December 2009, the heart of the GGBP is four cutting-edge local laws (LLs) designed to reduce the city’s total carbon emissions by 30%, while saving $700 million in annual energy costs by 2030. These include....

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