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Oracle Solutions Help Utilities Transform Critical Network Operations

May 24, 2022
Oracle Utilities Generation Asset Manager Cloud Service gives utilities real-time situational awareness of their generation assets

Sensors, distribution automation equipment, and the growing array of distributed energy resources (DERs) are adding ever-increasing complexity to the energy grid. To help utilities address this challenge, Oracle Energy and Water announced new capabilities in Oracle Utilities Flex SCADA and introduced Oracle Utilities Generation Asset Management Cloud Service.

Oracle Utilities Flex SCADA (Flex SCADA) gives distribution grid operators the scalability and flexibility to quickly deploy or scale SCADA networks while handling the wide variety of device data types, frequencies, and latencies across communication networks with unmatched visibility and control beyond the substation.

Separately, Oracle Utilities Generation Asset Manager Cloud Service is a cloud-based generation asset management tool that helps renewable and traditional generation operators view, track, and understand the real-time and historical performance of their assets, market positions, and the loads associated with them.

Flex SCADA is built for modern distribution grids and their growing complexity. The offering is delivered and supported within Oracle Utilities Network Management System, giving utilities an integrated, real-time grid advanced distribution management (ADMS) platform with a single user interface. Flex SCADA can easily integrate data from existing distribution automation (DA) Devices, legacy SCADA platforms, field, consumer and IoT devices, DERs, and grid-edge sensor points across a wide array of communications protocols.

With the offering, utilities get the core SCADA capabilities required across high and low voltage networks, plus the capabilities needed most by distribution system operators, including new features for:

  • Commissioning: The new commissioning capability allows SCADA engineers to extend their networks by quickly configuring and commissioning SCADA devices with no down-time.
  • Alarm Management: Provides automated grouping of alarms for more efficient prioritization and response. With smarter alarming, utilities will be better positioned to handle adverse impacts to the network by minimizing downtime and improving safety.
  • Limits Management: Operational safety and efficiency begin and end with utilities having the right tolerances and limits on their network infrastructure and equipment. With the new limits management module, operators have real-time visibility and automated setpoint change suggestions that can provide essential flexibility in responding to network events.

Flex SCADA is integrated into Oracle Utilities Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) solution. Used in tandem, utilities can monitor DERs in real time and proactively optimize their distribution networks around the behavior of both utility and customer-owned resources such as rooftop PV, behind-the-meter energy storage, and electric vehicles—all of which may or may not be connected to a utility’s legacy SCADA network.

Oracle Generation Asset Manager fuses operational (OT) and IT data to create a centralized system of record for generation, forecasting, settlements, operations, and transmission. The integrated solution accelerates operations by eliminating routine messaging and calls between departments. The solution is tightly integrated with Oracle Utilities Live Energy Connect (LEC), an OT-centric middleware platform that supports all major protocols (e.g., ICCP, OPC, and DNP3).

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