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The AiON-ESS is an all-in-one AC energy storage solution available in two models for 1-hour and 2-to-4-hour applications.

LS Energy Solutions Deploys 14.6 MW Energy Storage System in New Jersey

March 31, 2022
New flagship storage solution in commissioning

LS Energy Solutions, a provider of grid-connected energy storage solutions, has delivered its first all-in-one AiON Energy Storage System (AiON-ESS) to V20 Energy, a New Jersey-based storage project developer.

LS-ES will provide 14.6 MW/13.7 MWh of energy storage from 17 AiON-ESS containers. The project is being commissioned and is expected to be interconnected to the grid in Q2 in New Jersey.

The company’s latest product launched in late 2021, AiON-ESS is a flexible, modular AC energy storage solution available in two models for 1-hour and 2- to 4-hour applications. The AiON-ESS offers a variety of configurations to address a range of power and energy use cases, from one-megawatt to multi-hundred-megawatt utility-scale applications.

The configuration for V20 Energy is the AiON-ESS Power Series, which includes Tier-1 lithium-ion batteries combined with LS-ES’s string inverter platform in a single, scalable, modular format. Its all-in-one design and AC output facilitate ease of installation, operation and maintenance. To ensure compliance with the highest safety standards, the Power Series has received a UL9540 certification.

As part of the PJM Interconnection, the world’s largest wholesale electricity market, the project will contribute to its expanding energy storage portfolio and will enable V20 Energy to participate in the PJM ancillary services markets.

AiON-ESS systems have passed the rigorous UL9540 approval process, including a multi-point performance test, to meet the highest safety standards for energy storage products. In addition, the certification verifies that all 76 key components in the system are of high quality and UL-approved. Risk is minimized and costly redesigns are avoided by identifying design issues early, as well as ensuring product conformity to meet international regulatory standards.  

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