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Dependable surge protection and power quality products you can trust and exceptional customer service since 1986.


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Lake Park, FL 33403
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Our surge protection devices  are designed, tested and manufactured in our 30,000 sq. ft. facility located in Southeast Florida.  We rely on minimal outsourcing so we can insure the highest quality and fastest delivery times. 

​One of the additional benefits of manufacturing all of our products in our facility is our ability to offer lightning fast delivery times.  Most of  our products are in stock and ready to ship when needed.

Meter-Treater's helpful and courteous staff of Customer Service and Technical Support Representatives are available to assist you with your Surge Protection needs.

Our lab is capable of replicating all the same testing as UL 1449, UL 414 and additional tests which enable us to continuously develop our product line. We encourage and welcome, utilities to perform their own comparison testing using our high-energy electrical lab.

​Our technical support staff consists of a group of engineers and industry professionals with over 129 years of combined experience, which guarantees the most accurate resolution to your support needs.

All of our products receive a thorough quality control test and performance test before leaving our facility, ensuring the highest performance and safety for installers and users.