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Remote monitoring solutions Discover efficient remote monitoring solutions and management systems that deliver true value for your operations and business.


3710 Wilfrid Hamel Blvd.
Quebec City, QC G1P 2J2
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Remote monitoring expertise for over four decades


Developing efficient and robust remote monitoring systems has always been at the core of Multitel’s mission. Since 1980, Multitel provides a wide range of remote monitoring systems for North American telecommunications, power utilities, railways and CATV operators to offer real-time visibility of their network-wide sites and reliable data for faster decision-making.

In an increasingly data-driven world, bringing information from a building to a network management platform and leveraging existing remote monitoring systems are key strategies to gaining a better understanding of the overall status and performance of multiple power and cooling infrastructures.

Technology trends are constantly evolving to support data-driven decision and enable a global view of the infrastructures. Power and cooling systems as well as legacy systems need to be managed securely. Multitel is a trusted partner to develop custom network reliability solutions to meet your organizational KPIs.