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When it comes to transformer cooling fans, our leadership position is earned through relentless research, development and testing of motors, blades and fan guards.


W132 N10940 Eisenhower Drive
Germantown, WI 53022
United States of America

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Krenz & Company, Inc has been in business since 1931, successfully serving the transformer industry for many years. Krenz & Company, Inc understands the high value of a transformer; therefore we design and test our fans to ensure many years of exceptional reliability and performance. All Krenz & Company, Inc transformer cooling fans are designed specifically by us for use on power transformers, our fans are not an adaptation of fans used in other markets or fans sourced from other manufacturers. Furthermore we engineer, test, and manufacture what we sell instead of assembling off the shelf components from several different suppliers. All components used in a Krenz & Company, Inc transformer cooling fan are engineered specifically for our fans and are proprietary to our design.