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Spright delivers utility service providers with end-to-end line inspection and right-of-way management solutions to ensure the integrity of critical infrastructure and reduce likelihood of potential power disruptions for consumer end-users.


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Gilbert, AZ 85233
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Spright proudly combines a rich aviation history with innovative technology to deliver end-to-end UAS solutions that rise above typical drone service offerings. As aviation professionals and Part 135 operators, our BVLOS capabilities allow us to focus on long linear infrastructure in addition to localized inspections. Captured data is transposed into actionable insights, delivered via simple dashboards in real-time.

Our dedicated team of industry specialists, pilots, and quality assurance professionals will customize a turnkey solutions package to meet the unique needs of your organization, with services including:

-Overhead inspection of transmission and distribution lines and structures

-Identification of vegetation and right-of-way encroachments

-Lidar scanning of linear infrastructure, substations, and industrial facilities

-Development and delivery of 3D models, as-builts, and digital twins

-Sizing and measurement of conductors

-Emergency storm response and restoration

Contact us today at www.gospright.com or [email protected].