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STATCOM, HVDC Light Featured at AWEA Windpower Event

June 27, 2017
ABB showcased a wide range of products, systems, service and software solutions for the wind industry last month at AWEA WINDPOWER 2017, including the ABB Abili

ABB showcased a wide range of products, systems, service and software solutions for the wind industry last month at AWEA WINDPOWER 2017, including the ABB Ability digital portfolio. These tailored digital solutions span the breadth from individual devices to solutions and services for the wind and renewables markets.

ABB demonstrated how new wind generation technologies beyond the turbine – including maintenance, controls systems, analytics and substations – can improve reliability and decision making.

Featured technologies included:

HVDC Light: 20 year milestone – ABB recently announced a further milestone in HVDC technology with its voltage source converter (VSC) based high voltage direct current (HVDC) solution, called HVDC Light, to mark 20 years of this breakthrough transmission technology, pioneered by the company. HVDC Light is extensively being deployed for applications to integrate renewable energy sources, such as wind, to bring clean power to millions of people. The ABB Ability™-based MACH control and protection system acts as the brain of systems like HVDC.

STATCOM technology – Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) technology helps wind farms adhere to the new FERC Order 827 passed in 2016, which requires all newly interconnected non-synchronous generators such as wind farms to provide dynamic reactive power compensation at the high side of the generator substation as a condition of interconnection. ABB offers a variety of STATCOM solutions from the Low Voltage modular VArPro STATCOM to the Medium Voltage SVC Light STATCOM for larger wind farms. This technology makes grid interconnection much smoother and reliable.

Environmentally friendly GIS Switchgear for Wind – ABB’s arc-resistant medium voltage gas-insulated switchgear types ZX2 and ZX2.2 help customers maximize efficiency by minimizing footprint, delivery time, and maintenance requirements without jeopardizing safety, reliability, or quality. „Powering the world without consuming the earth” is part of the ABB vision, therefore 98 percent of ABB’s Zx2 switchgear is recyclable. Gas-insulated switchgear with hermetically-sealed SF6 gas-filled compartments utilizes a closed lifecycle principle to keep gas out of the atmosphere.

Intelligent electrical drivetrain – ABB’s electrical drivetrain internet connectivity will enable real-time asset monitoring and data analysis of the generator, converter and transformer. By using a converter data, digitalized interconnectivity facilitated by the IoT, operators can obtain a wide variety of new benefits by accessing information that is already available, such as fast fault notification, rapid response and analysis by ABB specialists and, most importantly, an opportunity to reduce unplanned downtime and the major costs associated with breakdowns. Digitalization will help increase turbine uptime and reduce costs, enabling optimized energy production and power quality with flexible and reliable grid interconnection.

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