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Down-to-Earth Theory: Understanding HVDC Transmission

Nov. 28, 2017
Let’s look at why we want to convert AC voltage to DC voltage and back again

Last month’s theory column wrapped up the theory involved with rectifiers and inverters videos we have explored. Now, hopefully, you have a better understanding of the basic theory used in the process of converting AC voltage to DC voltage and back again. So, let’s look at why we want to do this. It would seem we are adding complexity to an already complex system, but that is not the case. HVDC transmission however, actually makes the process simpler.

Tesla (AC Voltage) and Edison (DC Voltage) spent a great deal of time and energy battling each other to prove the superiority of their technologies. They were both so invested in the war, it took on sideshow proportions. Heck, Edison even staged the electrocution of an elephant to prove AC was too dangerous to have in homes. They did not see that the two technologies were complementary rather than competitors. The video I selected for this month comes from Clean Line Energy Partners. It presents some of the reasons HVDC has become part of the grid and shows how it complements AC.

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