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ResilientGrid Launches COVID-19 Quick Start Remote Visualization Program

March 27, 2020
Resiliency Management System (RMS) extends operation center data to remote decision makers and key personnel

ResilientGrid has launched the COVID-19 Quick Start Remote Visualization program designed to quickly and efficiently extend a utility’s important operation center data to their remote employees.

According to the company, many people are working from home in ways they never have before. This change in work location can bring multiple challenges. Employees will not only require secure access, but the systems that are designed for large video walls and workstations with multiple monitors must now be viewed on laptops.

Utility IT networks may face increasing congestion as these employees access more tools at the same time. Due to licensing restrictions and other limitations, access to these tools may be limited or denied. Ultimately, companies may have to choose between their remote employees being able to access needed information and the health of their internal networks and compliance.

Recognizing that this is a problem we’ve already solved in the industry, ResilientGrid created the Quick Start Remote Visualization program. It is designed to help utilities get through this gap period of widespread telework caused by the COVID-19 virus. The solution allows remote employees who need real-time awareness of the state of the grid to have it, while reducing the impacts to their IT networks and maintaining compliance with their licenses, in a way that is compliant with the industry’s complex cybersecurity regulations.

“The Quick Start program is the same approach we built for SAFNR, that allows regulators to see the power grid across the U.S.,” said Mike Legatt, PhD, ResilientGrid’s CEO and Founder. “We’ve formulated this as an emergency response to the situation, priced so that utilities of any size can easily move ahead without major capital expense or project management time. It is deployed in a turnkey fashion to support onboarding within days.”

Providing access to engineers, managers, executives and other key personnel to effectively communicate and coordinate is critical to the reliability and resiliency of the power grid.

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