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DTE Energy Powers The District Detroit with New Substation

Sept. 12, 2017
Newly designed electric system energizes Little Caesars Arena and surrounding entertainment district

DTE Energy is powering Little Caesars Arena –  the new home of the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons – and The District Detroit, growing neighborhoods and businesses around the venue.

DTE built a new substation, along with a customized underground electrical system, to power the multi-use facility and its high-tech entertainment features, including:

  • 45 LED displays covering 13,500 square feet
  • A projector the size of two football fields
  • The largest seamless center-hung scoreboard in North America
  • More than 16.5 million LED lights

The state-of-the-art electrical system will allow arena staff to monitor the venue's energy load and reroute power as needed. DTE Energy's investment in this new infrastructure enables future economic growth in the city, making it possible for DTE to meet the electrical needs of additional businesses in areas near the arena.

"We are proud to collaborate with Olympia Entertainment to power the new arena, and for the opportunity to help ensure it's a place residents and visitors can enjoy for decades to come," said Jerry Norcia, president and COO, DTE Energy. "DTE is committed to supporting the economic growth and prosperity of the City of Detroit, and building the infrastructure necessary to meet the needs of businesses now and in the future."

DTE also is the provider of natural gas for the arena, which features 67 fireplaces in suites and lounges. Its natural gas will also power industrial grade dehumidifiers. In addition, arena staff will use natural gas heat for cooking and laundering uniforms in gas-operated dryers. 

Little Caesars Arena is one of many infrastructure projects DTE has worked on in Detroit. Other recent projects include building new infrastructure for the QLine, installing energy efficient LED lighting on a number of major Metro Detroit freeways, and converting more than 100 business customers, Detroit schools and institutions from the Detroit Public Lighting Department to DTE's energy grid.

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