Static VAR Compensator to Augment Efficiency, Peak Demand Reduction

March 15, 2016
Enables system-wide benefits at significant cost savings to distribution utilities

Gridco Systems has launched the Gridco Systems Static VAR Compensator™ (SVC) product line with the introduction of the SVC-20 model, a low-voltage (LV) boosting device. The SVC-20 amplifies the benefits of utility-side energy efficiency and peak demand reduction programs based on Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) and Volt-VAR optimization (VVO).  

The SVC-20 is a rugged, lightweight, pole-mounted device with a modular hardware system designed for outdoor installation on the secondary side of distribution transformers. Its ease of installation avoids the delays, high costs, and other complexities associated with conventional approaches to minimizing voltage drop, such as reconductoring or distribution transformer upsizing. Designed for deployment in single-phase or three-phase applications, the shunt-connected SVC-20 targets specific locations along the feeder, injecting up to 20 KVAR per phase to boost voltage and assure compliance with ANSI/IEC standards.

The SVC-20's robust switching design, advanced algorithms and remote communications afford both grid-edge visibility and control to distribution engineers, while its field-upgradeable VAR modules allow field technicians to add and/or replace capacity as necessary, simplifying grid planning, operations and maintenance. Similar to other components of the Gridco Systems emPower™ Solution, the SVC-20 is autonomous in its operation, but can be remotely monitored and managed via Gridco Systems' Grid Management and Analytics Platform™ (GMAP) software.

"Distribution utilities are increasingly focused on cost-effectively implementing energy efficiency programs that go beyond customer-only participation," said Naimish Patel, CEO of Gridco Systems. "However, utility-side energy efficiency programs have not yet experienced wide adoption due to lack of visibility and control at the grid edge, where scattered low-voltage points impose fundamental limits on program benefits. The Gridco Systems SVC complements our other power regulation product offerings to provide an easily deployable end-to-end solution that extracts maximum benefits from VVO/CVR programs, without reliance on complex back-office software integration."

Key Features

  • Low Voltage Active Boost: dynamically increase voltage above a configurable threshold to maintain voltage assurance
  • Reactive Power Compensation: inject reactive power along the LV secondary when needed for power factor support or loss reduction
  • Line Voltage Monitoring: validate CVR program performance with interval data collected by integrated voltage sensors
  • Operational Flexibility: autonomous set-and-forget, locally manage, and/or remotely manage as part of an overall fleet of Gridco Systems devices
  • Modularity: cost-effective and flexible architecture includes field-upgradable components such as VAR modules, utility-specified communications, and surge suppression
  • Maintenance-Free Design: the SVC-20 utilizes semiconductor-based zero voltage and zero current switching, eliminating wear and tear associated with conventional electromechanical equipment
  • Low-Loss Design: modular design and advanced controls allow for a fraction of the full VAR rating to be activated when conditions don't require the full 20 KVAR capacity

Benefits to Distribution Utilities

  • Improving CVR/VVO efficiency program execution by boosting limiting loads and allowing lower overall feeder voltages
  • Enabling effective grid-side demand response to lower peak generation costs
  • Low installed cost as compared to circuit reinforcement
  • Gaining additional visibility and active control at the grid edge

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