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Con Edison Implements energyOrbit for Demand Reduction

Con Edison Implements energyOrbit for Demand Reduction

Cloud-based DSM platform deployed for Con Edison MW demand management program

energyOrbit has announced the successful deployment of its solution for Con Edison, the New York-based utility. The energyOrbit platform consists of a comprehensive customer relationship and project management system that encompasses customer engagement and acquisition through program tracking and reporting.

"We looked at different options and decided that energyOrbit's cloud-based solution would be best for helping us perform the important functions we need to do in our demand management programs," said Vicki Kuo, section manager for Customer Technology Solutions at Con Edison. "We can get to the information we need easily and quickly, which is essential for providing our customers with the best service possible."

Con Edison is one of many utilities and energy efficiency implementers that use energyOrbit to manage their energy efficiency and demand management programs.


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