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West Penn Power Contracts for Act 129 Peak Load Reduction

West Penn Power, a FirstEnergy utility, has awarded a multi-year exclusive contract to meet the peak demand reduction requirements of Pennsylvania's Act 129.

EnergyConnect will provide the services to help West Penn contribute to meeting Pennsylvania's goal of reducing peak demand for electricity by 4.5 percent by May 31, 2013. Using the company's GridConnect integrated demand response platform, eligible customers now have the opportunity to increase their demand response participation beyond traditional grid-dispatched capacity programs.

EnergyConnect's price-based demand response software facilitates combined participation in West Penn Power and PJM's economic programs, providing electricity users with actionable information and insight to motivate them to participate in demand response more frequently. The GridConnect unified web-based portal also will enable customers to easily view and track Act 129 earnings, PJM payments and electricity bill savings within the same dashboard

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