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SmartSynch Joins Grid Net’s Software Reseller Program

Grid Net, provider of a machine-to-machine network operating system for the smart grid, announced that SmartSynch has joined its Software Reseller Program. SmartSynch becomes the third member of the program, which also includes GE Energy and Landis+Gyr.

"We partnered with Grid Net so that we can provide their machine-to-machine network operating system for the smart grid and their smart metering / demand response application suite to our current and prospective customers," said Stephen Johnston, CEO of SmartSynch. "Grid Net offers superior flexibility, scalability, and security, and we are pleased to be working closely with them."

SmartSynch and Grid Net will soon announce their first project together.

Grid Net lets utilities choose from any number of device manufacturers and wireless carriers with high-speed broadband networks like 2G, 3G, 4G-LTE, 4G-WiMAX, and FTTH/Ethernet. Grid Net-enabled devices have the power to handle multiple advanced smart grid applications, and the bandwidth to deploy new capabilities in remote firmware upgrades, which provides ample room to expand the device’s capabilities over time.

Grid Net's advantages include:

  • A scalable, extensible, and open standards-based software platform for advanced smart grid operations, so utilities can continually innovate without a costly rip and replace.
  • Real-time information from device to back office applications, so utilities can have an up-to-the-second view into the operational state of their grid infrastructure, down to the customer meter, at all times.
  • The ability to deploy both smart grid-side and demand-side applications, so utilities can holistically manage their demand and supply from one centrally managed, highly distributed software platform.
  • High-speed wireless and wire-line broadband communications connectivity coupled with robust, secure processing power on every grid device, so utilities can distribute intelligence and control into their smart grids.
  • A secure device management platform, so utilities can ensure complete data privacy and grid integrity throughout their entire deployment, while meeting the most stringent government and regulatory regulations for critical infrastructure protection.

Based entirely on Internet Protocols (IP) and Grid Net’s implementation of embedded SELinux, the Grid Net Machine-to-Machine Network Operating System for the Smart Grid is much more than a simple smart metering system. Grid Net-enabled smart meters are advanced distribution network grid sensors that can provide real-time quality of service, service reliability, and service safety information enabling the utility to provide the most optimal, reliable, safe, and cost-effective service to their customers. And since Grid Net runs on point-to-point wireless and wire-line networks, utilities do not have to wait for a full smart meter deployment to see these benefits.

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