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Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. Selects Load Response Provider

Constellation Energy has been selected by Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. to develop a load response program for the utility’s commercial and industrial electric service customers in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. Under the terms of the agreement, Constellation Energy’s retail business will contract with Montana-Dakota customers to provide Montana-Dakota Utilities with up to 25 MW of load response capacity over an initial five-year period.

Montana-Dakota’s load response program offers customers the opportunity to earn payments based on the amount of electricity they commit to reduce during a curtailment event. The minimum curtailment for participation in the program is 50 kW.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer this new load response program to our commercial and industrial customers,” said Dave Goodin, president and CEO of Montana-Dakota. “In addition to providing a revenue opportunity for customers, load response helps meet Montana-Dakota’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Curtailing electric use during times of peak use maximizes our existing resources and helps to offset the need for additional generation and transmission facilities.”

As part of Montana-Dakota’s load response program, participating customers also have the option to leverage Constellation Energy’s VirtuWatt energy management technology to track real-time electricity use and to automate curtailment.

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