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EPB of Chattanooga Selects Demand Side Management Program

Open Access Technology International, Inc. has been selected by Electric Power Board of Chattanooga, to integrate OATI webDistribute into EPB’s Smart Grid infrastructure. OATI webDistribute will provide EPB the platform and applications needed to improve power system economics, reliability, and environmental compliance by fully integrating demand response and distributed energy resources capabilities with EPB’s power system operations.

EPB will use OATI webDistribute to help manage demand side resources, for support of electric distribution operations, and to aggregate them as virtual power plants in support of transmission and wholesale operations. OATI webDistribute is a U.S. Patent Pending application designed with scalability, built on a modern web platform in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment, and supports industry standards for enterprise and business-to-business interoperability.

OATI webDistribute provides a combination of capabilities to address the Smart Grid requirements, including direct load control, various DR/DER programs, plug-in electric vehicles, and variable generation resources such as wind and solar. OATI webDistribute adheres to stringent cyber security and information privacy measures, and is compliant with NERC CIP standards.

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