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Duquesne Light Co. Deploying Demand Response

EnerNOC, Inc. has been selected by Duquesne Light Co. to provide 40 MW of demand response through Sept. 30, 2012. This deployment of EnerNOC's comprehensive demand response application, DemandSMART, will help Duquesne Light reduce peak demand for electricity at commercial, institutional, and industrial (C&I) customer sites and meet energy reduction targets established by Pennsylvania Act 129. EnerNOC has been selected to provide substantially more C&I demand response capacity to Pennsylvania utilities with Act 129 goals than all other third-party providers combined.

"Duquesne Light is committed to offering energy- and cost-saving measures to our customers," said Dave Defide, Manager of Customer Programs at Duquesne Light Company. "Working with EnerNOC on demand response will help our customers keep peak demand in check, and the program provides incentives and technology that encourage more efficient energy use throughout the year."

EnerNOC works closely with each site in its demand response network to develop a customized energy reduction plan. It then connects each site to its Network Operations Center, at no cost to the customer. When dispatched by Duquesne Light or its other utility partners, EnerNOC manages each site in real time to ensure that its network achieves the targeted demand reduction. Participating sites also receive access to DemandSMART's online energy management tools, which help customers track their performance to maximize payments and identify opportunities for further energy savings.

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