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Demand Response Offering to be Enabled by OATI WebDistribute

Sensus has announced a new demand response management offering to electric utility customers enabled by Minneapolis-based solution provider Open Access Technology International, Inc., or OATI.

Sensus will offer OATI webDistribute demand response management system (DRMS) as the load control application to customers of its FlexNet advanced utility communications network. With OATI webDistribute, utilities can create, monitor, schedule and manage DR programs and events with enrolled customers over the secure wireless FlexNet system networked with FlexNet-enabled load control devices and ZigBee SEP-based Home Area Network devices. Also offered is OATI’s companion webSmartView application, enabling the utility to easily create an online portal for consumers to enroll in DR programs and optionally monitor their usage.

Both webDistribute and webSmartView are offered as vendor hosted applications, removing any need for additional utility IT infrastructure. In most circumstances, demand response events are preprogrammed and automatically transmitted via the ZigBee or Sensus FlexNet wireless protocols to home area network devices installed at the consumer’s premise, including programmable thermostats and load control devices on water heaters and pool pumps.

The Sensus-OATI DR solution integrates with existing utility systems and operations including advanced metering, meter data management, customer information, distribution automation, outage management and geospatial systems using industry standard protocols for interoperability. It also adheres to NERC CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) and other cyber security standards.

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