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Alberta Electric System Operator to Implement New Demand Response Application

EnerNOC, Inc. has been selected by the Alberta Electric System Operator to provide 150 MW of automated demand response through its DemandSMART comprehensive demand response application. By leveraging DemandSMART in AESO’s Load Shed Service for Imports Program, EnerNOC expects to increase the transfer capability of the Alberta-B.C. intertie, enabling the AESO to increase its ability to import electricity from other jurisdictions and ultimately deliver reliable, cost-effective service to Alberta’s electricity users.

In this innovative ancillary services program, EnerNOC will deploy its automated demand response technology at industrial sites. If system frequency drops below a pre-defined threshold due to conditions along the Alberta-B.C. intertie or other system contingencies, DemandSMART will detect the change and respond by automatically reducing electricity consumption at participating sites in less than a second. Through this service, the AESO will secure the reserve resource it requires to increase its import capabilities from other jurisdictions.

EnerNOC has experience working with commercial and industrial customers across Canada and will be collaborating with large users of electricity to identify areas for potential energy reductions. Program participants will earn regular payments for their availability and response to dispatches, as well as access to real-time energy use data through DemandSMART, EnerNOC’s comprehensive automated demand response application, enabling them to target areas for future energy savings.

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