Elaine Meshki speaks at an event
Elaine Meshki speaks at an event
Elaine Meshki speaks at an event
Elaine Meshki speaks at an event
Elaine Meshki speaks at an event

Electric Vehicle Engineers Recognized for Sustainability Work

June 23, 2020
Esther Dudek and Elaine Meskhi, members of EA Technology’s EV Infrastructure team, nominated as finalists for the Women in Engineering Society awards.

Two engineers at EA Technology have been nominated as finalists for the Women in Engineering Society (WES) awards in 2020. Esther Dudek and Elaine Meskhi, both part of EA Technology’s EV Infrastructure team, have thus become two of the Top 50 Women in Engineering: Sustainability. The WE50 awards will be announced to coincide with International Women in Engineering Day (IWIED) on June 23.

EA Technology is addressing the challenge of decarbonisation with projects like Charge and Electric Nation. Elaine Meskhi is a senior consultant and EA Technology’s project manager for the Charge project. Esther Dudek, also a senior consultant, was the technical lead for the Electric Nation project and is now working on Charge.

EA Technology is facilitating the global transition to Net Zero Carbon, as electricity networks face change on a scale and at a rate that has never been seen before. EA Technology’s EV Infrastructure team is supporting the move to electric vehicles through software products and consultancy work with a range of stakeholders. This includes projects such as Charge and Electric Nation.

Founded by the WES in 2016, the WE50 awards are a UK event linked to International Women in Engineering Day, an annual, globally recognised celebration of women in engineering. Nominees for WE50 must be women based in the UK with a connection to engineering or allied disciplines and involved in the formulation or delivery of sustainable strategies and solutions. 

Esther and Elaine formulate and implement innovative approaches to these aims through their work on low-carbon electric vehicle technologies. They also act as advocates for women in sustainability and offer a strong template for encouraging women to work in STEM businesses. They have been ambassadors for women considering a career in the sector, by speaking at or co-ordinating industry events. They hope to provide a platform for women to make real change in what has been a male-dominated field, which is also facing a skills’ shortage. They share with WES the aim to change perceptions of the sector, to encourage young women to consider engineering as a viable and rewarding career.

Esther said: “I was really pleased that Elaine and I have been nominated. From day-to-day, it can feel like the things we work on are routine and normal for us — something like this recognition from such a prestigious initiative reminds me that it is novel and is paving the way for decarbonisation. To have my work recognised in this way and then to be a finalist is very gratifying."

Elaine added: “Engineering is a fantastically rewarding career and a highly energising industry to be working in — what would you do without electricity? And what kind of quality of life will we have in the future if we do not address the challenge of decarbonisation? It is really motivating to be working on such pressing problems and solutions, which can and do make a difference in people’s lives.”

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