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G&W Electric Invests in Neurodiversity Workforce

Feb. 20, 2020
By partnering with Autism Workforce, G&W Electric prepared its job candidates with the proper training and skills needed for success.

 G&W Electric Co., a global supplier of electric power equipment since 1905, announced the company’s commitment to furthering its legacy of innovation by hiring a neurodiverse workforce. While this initiative helps improve employee diversity and culture, it also provides meaningful careers for individuals on the autism spectrum and individuals with disabilities that are eager to work but typically overlooked.

“In a world where many individuals on the autism spectrum are unemployed and individuals with disabilities are overlooked, G&W Electric is excited to provide safe and meaningful employment to this untapped, dedicated workforce,” said John Mueller, chairman and owner of G&W Electric. “This initiative will improve service to our customers, strengthen our community, and enhance our corporate culture.”

To help onboard new employees, G&W Electric has partnered with Autism Workforce to recruit, hire and train its neurodiverse employees. With the help of the Autism Workforce, the company has hired two individuals to work on its assembly line. Many individuals with autism or development disabilities thrive from the structure of repetitive tasks, which can result in increased productivity.

David Geslak, founder and president of Autism Workforce, wants companies to understand the value this workforce can bring to a business.

“While this is being socially responsible, it has been proven to be a good business decision that will have a great return on investment with lower turnover and higher productivity,” he said, “but everyone involved in the hiring, on-boarding and management roles must be prepared and educated for the new employees and business to be successful. And that is what we have done at G&W Electric.” 

Additionally, the company has joined forces with The Secondary Transition Experience Program (STEP), a special education initiative within Bolingbrook and Romeoville publics schools for young adults, ages 18 to 22. STEP supports motivated young adults who are looking for guidance in developing work and independent life skills. G&W Electric currently has a STEP student working in its paint area on a 60-day internship.

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