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Wow, Do I Have A Lot To Learn

Wow, Do I Have A Lot To Learn

After my initial video work, I know I am not Cecil B. deWolf! I have a new found respect for those producing movies, documentaries, and other types of videos. I am truly sorry you all are having to journey with me on the learning curve. I did practice before the Expo, but there is nothing like doing it for real. I am so thankful you all know I am a nerd engineer (the photo is more of my natural habitat), but I will improve by time we get to Orlando. This has added a whole new venue for me and the blog.

I have just finished uploading my videos to the blog site. As soon as they have been processed, I'll get them posted. I am going to go out and get my own flip camera. Doug Fix a great friend loaned me his for the Expo - what a trusting soul. I am also going to get some video editing software. What you see is what I saw. I would like to be able to cut and splice. It would improve the video. Thank you PES for giving me this fun assignment.

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