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We'd Be Lost Without Them

We'd Be Lost Without Them

When you think of conferences, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it crowds? For me it is volunteers and the PES events have the best! The volunteers make all the difference in the world. They are there to help you get around, offer information, and a ton of other services. They help at the buses, they man booths, they walk the halls looking for attendees with that lost look on their faces, and if you ever need assistance just ask.

Tommy Manye told me to look for the bright orange shirts (yes, I will have one too). Those shirts make the volunteers standout in the crowd. They call themselves the Sunshine Superconductors. The Orlando Local Organizing Committee (LOC) has two utilities hosting the event. Tommy said Aaron Staley from the Orlando Utilities Commission and Ray Desouza from Progress Energy are the C0-Chairs of the LOC and they have brought over 250 volunteers to make things run smoothly.

The LOC has also put together some impressive technical tours, which require a lot of volunteers by the way. The lightning research center really has my attention. As a substation engineer lightning protection is a subject close to me. The solar displace sounds super cool too. Be sure to checkout the schedule and sign up for a couple.

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