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Understanding The Smart Grid - It's Like Dating In The Dark

I have been teaching short courses around the country on the Smart Grid and its technologies for a couple of years now. I usually ask the students (attendees) for their definition of the Smart Grid at the beginning. And guess what - there is no one answer. In most cases, there is no consensus either. Most identify with the area they work in and that is all. You might say what is within their reach or touch is all that exists and there is so much more. It reminds me of that reality TV show "Dating In The Dark." The contestants moved very cautiously, slowly feeling their way, but not sure of what is taking place and trying not to get into trouble with their fumbling about and feeling around.

Well folks, one of the goals of the Expo is to turn on the light and let everyone see what we have. Wednesday is designated "Smart Grid Day at T&D." There will be a Smart Grid Super Session devoted to giving everyone the answers and the exhibitors are going to show off their best smart grid stuff (that's a technical term for products). I was told PES is so excited about this session they have moved it from a session room to the Auditorium - that is what I call good planning. That will greatly increase the seating area. Even so, you better get there early (it starts at 8:30am). I know from past experience these sessions fill up fast and late comers miss out.

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