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Talk About Packing

Talk About Packing

Have you ever packed a semi? Thanks to the military, I have and it isn't easy. It requires a lot of planning to get it right. You have a finite amount of space and a specific cargo. It is like putting together a 3D puzzle. If you get it wrong, you may have to hire an extra truck or the cargo gets damaged in transit.

So when you are walking the floor at the T&D Expo look around. From small to large, these vendors have devoted a lot of time to what you see. I have been talking to some of the folks responsible for transportation. They have been planning for the Orlando Expo since the doors closed in New Orleans! Their exhibits were designed and had to be assembled back home. If it passes inspection, it has to be broken down, boxed, and loaded into semis. Some of the larger exhibits require a fleet of trucks. One vendor told me they normally use around fifteen 18-wheelers. That is mind boggling.

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