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Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth

Have you ever noticed how much our industry is out there having a positive influence on our world? We got to Epcot early and the first place we went to was the Spaceship Earth exhibit. Riding up the access belt, I saw the title sign with "presented by Siemens." It was a great ride, by the way. Super high tech and so was the surrounding exhibits.

One statement for the ride's narration really got me thinking was (paraphrasing) - Our ancestors shaped today and we are shaping tomorrow. That is exactly what we are doing at PES. Those who came before us gave us a strong foundation with our electrical grid. We are taking that to a new level with the smart grid technologies we are deploying.

Be sure to take advantage of Smart Grid day on Wednesday. There are going to be some fantastic sessions presented on where we are going with all of this new stuff. I know I want to part of the group shaping our tomorrows - how about you.

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