Southern States Recognizes Joe Rostron for Technical Achievements

Southern States Recognizes Joe Rostron for Technical Achievements

img_0728.jpgMarch 6, 2009 -- Joe Rostron, Sr. VP of Technology Development of Southern States LLC, was recently presented the Outstanding Inventor Award by Raj Anand, President & CEO of Southern States.

Joe was awarded this plaque in recognition of his technical achievements and consistent innovation in the last decade with Southern States. Since joining the company in 1998, Joe has been awarded 15 patents for inventions in the field of high-voltage systems. These inventions have led to several commercial products such as the CapSwitcher® Capacitor Switch, RLSwitcher® Reactor Switch and the CMD® Current Measurement Device.

After beginning his career in the electric power industry at Westinghouse, Joe worked for ABB and Siemens prior to joining Southern States. Pictured above is Joe (left) being congratulated by Raj with his CapSwitcher® invention in the background.

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