The Solar Electric Vehicle Company Brings Eco-Friendly Public Transportation to The Chicago Botanic Garden

The Solar Electric Vehicle Company Brings Eco-Friendly Public Transportation to The Chicago Botanic Garden

cbghr1.JPGOctober, 6, 2009 – Northbrook, Illinois-based The Solar Electric Vehicle Company, LLC (SEVC) is providing its exclusive 14-passenger Solar Electric People Mover to the Chicago Botanic Garden as part of the opening of the Garden's Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Plant Conservation Science Center.

The delivery of the no-gas, no-emissions people mover to the Chicago Botanic Garden, kicked off SEVC's special program which provides its exclusive 14 passenger Solar Electric People Movers for free to public and private parks, zoos and gardens. The vehicles are partnered with environmentally conscience companies and individual donors to help sponsor eco-friendly public transportation at those locations.

“We are extremely proud to have our vehicle be part of the Chicago Botanic Garden's environmental sustainability program,” said Larry Spatz, CEO of The Solar Electric Vehicle Company. “This is the perfect example of how architecture, natural environments and transportation can co-exist in an eco-friendly way to help save the planet.”

SEVC is the market leader for eco-friendly multi-passenger public transportation solutions benefiting municipalities, corporate parks, resorts, stadiums, arenas, shopping malls, airports, college campuses, casinos, medical centers, marinas, military bases, government agencies and all owners of fleet vehicles that seek to improve the efficiency of their transportation systems. All of SEVC's vehicles are approved by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

SEVC's 14 passenger Solar Electric People Mover can drive up to 60 miles on a single charge using its innovative solar panel system that provides constant supplemental charging throughout the day. The vehicle plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet and can be fully charged overnight.

In addition to solar electric vehicles, SEVC offers comprehensive consultation and solutions to institutions seeking a one stop resource that can significantly reduce their transportation carbon footprint while implementing logistical cost savings measures – charging stations, power infrastructure assessment, energy cost analysis, GPS location and power tracking, traffic logistics and electrical infrastructure engineering.

More information on SEVC can be found at

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