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Smart Grid - Lagniappe!

Smart Grid - Lagniappe!

It looks like I started something. Holly Bounds from Siemens spoke to me on the phone today. She said Siemens will be offering attendees something extra at the T&D Expo. It is called the "Smart Grid Tour." This is only being offered in six cities in North America and the Expo is the debut. Siemens agrees with me about needing to educate our industry about the Smart Grid - take advantage of it. Let's stop the "Dating In The Dark" syndrome. The tour is designed to do that - it has education sessions, demos, displays, etc. I understand there will even be videos projected on their geodesic dome. Do you think this is Smart Grid Meets IMax? I can't wait to see what they are doing. Be sure to stop at the Siemens booth and sign up (if you want to do it now,
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