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Small World Isn't It

Small World Isn't It

Yesterday we went to Epcot. They focused on being able to travel around the world at the park. They ahve some great areas to visit like the UK, France, Germany, Japan, China, and many others. It was really cool, but I told Pam there was a danger visiting all exhibits - we would want to go for real.

France was super and brought back lots of memories of Paris. What a beautiful place and we had such a grate time. Then we hit the UK and had flashbacks to London. And on it went. Today we went to Animal Kingdom and guess what. It is divided into different parts of the world too! The travel bug has hit - big time.

But what is really cool is the fact I have friends from all over the world coming to the PES T&D Expo. We see each other once or twice a year at events like this or the PES general meeting. And it is always great visiting. So, the theme parks have got me thinking about traveling, but they have also reminded me how lucky we all are to see old friends from around the world and get to share experiences and talk about our work in this electrical industry.

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