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Sipping From A Fire Hose

Sipping From A Fire Hose

I just talked with my friend Tommy Mayne. He is the North American T&D Chair and the man with all the inside information. Actually I hung on and Tommy hit me with nonstop action about the Expo and Nawlins. He and the Crescent City Currents are cooking up a fantastic event for us.

He said first of all, we don't want to miss the Monday evening reception - this is party of parties!!! Tommy loves to party with his friends and fifteen to twenty thousand of his closest friends have been invited to party at the Expo reception. Tommy said to meet at the convention center and follow the parade to the Aquarium of the Americas. At this point, we have to make a decision - go into the aquarium or go to the festival (we call them fiesta in New Mexico). Food or fish? Maybe for the quick of hand it could be both. And that is just one of the activities he talked about. Stay tuned, there will be more!

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