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Sherman & Reilly Introduces Two New Products

September 6, 2011 -- Sherman & Reilly introduces two new products: Fastrap Universal Cross Arm Bracket and CP-50 Compact Puller.

The Fastrap is a cross-arm bracket used to temporarily attach distribution stringing blocks during installation and restoration of overhead conductors. One model fits all cross-arms materials with out damage. The Fastrap is fast and easy to use, made with the highest gripping force and comes with the Forever Warranty. It is flexible, fast, and fool proof.

The CP-50 is a short-range, powered-capstan puller used for pulling secondary wire from the primary to the meter base. With safety first, the CP-50 eliminates the need for hand pulling, thereby reducing the risk of lineman injuries. It's lightweight (under 40 pounds), fully portable, and can use an on-board power source. Competitive advantages include: one man set-up & operation, designed for and by the utility industry, comes with the Forever Warranty. It is strong, simple, and safe.

About Sherman & Reilly:

Sherman & Reilly is the leading manufacturer of tools and equipment for installing T&D overhead and underground power conductors and fiber optic communications cable products. From the most complete line of bundle blocks, pullers, tensioners and reel trailers to its Telecom products including Cablejet, Superjet and Microjet Systems and accessories, Sherman & Reilly has over 85 years of bringing innovative products to every facet of the power and telecommunications industries.


Julie Dunn

Sherman & Reilly

Phone: 770-310-3565

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