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Road Kill on The Information Highway

Blog followers, we are trying something new! If it works, we will have video on the blog. When I say if it works what I really mean if Gene doesn't screw it up. I may be a power electronics expert, but my computer can induce tears. Here is the problem. Good thing - my iPod has video capability, which works great. Bad thing - the files are huge so I have to use an FTP site to upload to the blog.

I thought it might be a good idea to test it from home before the Expo. Great idea - right? Well, single-handily I brought the FTP server to its knees. No one could access it yesterday or this morning - way to go. It is back this morning, but I still can't get in. It is reminiscent of Space Odyssey - "HAL open the pod bay doors. No way Gene. Stay outside where you can't do us any harm." The help desk is working on it now.

We have a work around (good old plan B). They gave me an alternate site that will take the large files without the fun of FileZilla and FTP access. I am so glad I work with such patient folks. It takes a lot to support me. Stayed tuned - this should be fun.

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