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Renewing Friendships

Pam and I had just returned from seeing “Jersey Boys,” when we ran into some old friends in the lobby – Rick Bush (Managing Editor, Transmission and Distribution World magazine) and his wife Alice. They too had taken advantage of “Broadway in Chicago” and saw “Wicked.” It was fun visiting with friends and comparing the shows. Rick and I met because of our love of Broadway shows. We were both in New York City many years ago attending a PES Winter Meeting. I was in line at the half price ticket kiosk in Times Square and I struck up a conversation with the guy behind me. He was an engineer – me too. He was in town with PES – me too. He liked musicals – me too. Strange his business card was that of the previous editor (whom I knew) with the name scratched out and his penciled in. By time we reached the window, we had decided to see a play together that evening. Stranger still, he had no cash to buy the ticket. Was this a set up? Hum… he told me that if I would buy the tickets he would pay me back at the hotel (we were both staying at the Hilton). I could hold the ticket. Was it a set up? What the heck, he was an interesting fellow and shows are more fun with a friend. I had the tickets. He would only get his when money changed hands. It was worth it – the guy told very funny stories. So, I bought the tickets and off we went to the Hilton. The thought did cross my mind that this could be a set up to a mugging once we left Time Square. Oh by the way, I'm a 7th degree black belt and after sitting on my butt all day in meetings, I could use the exercise. As it turned out, Rick was exactly who he said he was. We had good dinner, saw a great show, and have been close friends ever since. Over the years, I have made many close friendships because of PES, but this was one of the strangest encounters of all the meetings I have attended. I welcome any comments. Does anyone else have a strange encounter at a PES conference? Tell me about it.

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