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Quiet Before The Storm

Quiet Before The Storm

It is pretty quiet inside the convention center right now, but it is early. The staff has been working for several days now to get things set up for all of us attendees. It is funny things are moving along, but there are bumps.

I went up to the registration desk to get my credentials to get on the floor and take photos for this blog. No one had a record of me registering. After a short discussion we got a work around going. Shortly, I will be getting my staff badge and have full run of the place.

So it is coffee time right now and I did get on the floor. My "Life Member" registration helped a great deal. The important thing to remember if in the unlikely event you run into any problems, don't get upset. I seem to have a gift for being in the middle of problems, but they always work out if you smile and keep cool. Keep in mind, that everyone (staff & volunteers) is here to make sure the attendees have a great show.

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