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PPC Santana begins the production of 800,000V bushing insulators in Brazil

PPC Santana begins the production of 800,000V bushing insulators in Brazil

foto-arthur-news.jpg PPC Santana, largest producer of insulators in Latin America, begins to produce of production of 800,000V bushing insulators and finish the installation of the largest extruders of ceramic material in Brazil.

September 3, 2009 -- Within the 2009/2010 R$ 12 million investment program, PPC Santana begins to produce large porcelain "bushing" type insulators for the Latin American market.

An important step in the process has just been completed in the High Voltage Insulators unit of the company in Pedreira, SP: the installation of the largest extruders of ceramic material in Brazil. Designed and produced in Germany under the supervision of PPC Insulators in Europe, the high vacuum extruder is more than 10 meters long, and entirely built from stainless steel. The capacity exceeds 20 tons per cycle and is capable of extruding ceramic bodies more than 1 m in diameter.

According to Elias Oliveira, the director of sales at PPC Santana, another fundamental step to complete market services is being concluded. "PPC Santana was already ready and able to deliver solid core support insulators up to 800,000 Volts to the market, but was limited to 550,000 Volts regarding bushing insulators used in electrical equipment such as circuit breakers and current and potential transformers. With the installation of the new extruder, we began to produce some models in Brazil of 800,000 Volts, and this will allow us to offer the complete package to the market," said the executive.

The CEO of PPC Santana, Arthur Lavieri, explains that increasing the productive capacity of PPC Santana and the technology transfer by PPC Insulators is part of the worldwide investment plan of the company. "The new extruder adds capacity to our line, and further improves the quality of our ceramic bodies. Our idea is to strengthen, regionally, the engineering structure, manufacturing and testing of high voltage insulators of PPC Insulators around the world. As we are the only factory in the Americas, this investment covers an important range of products and prepares us to service important clients in Brazil and the Americas", said Lavieri.

First batches of the new PPC Santana extruder production were successfully tested during the last week of July.

About PPC Santana

Founded in 1941 in the city of Pedreira, SP, Cerâmica Santana started producing products for electrical insulation in the 40's. With continuous investments in research and development, in the 70's it became the largest producer of insulators in Latin America. In 1993, it changed its corporate name to Isoladores Santana. With approximately 1000 employees and 4 factories, it supplies the Brazilian and Latin American market, and selected clients in the United States, Canada, Middle East and Asia. In 2008, SEVES / PPC Insulators became a part of an international group and the company changed its name to PPC Santana. Its product line includes ceramic and polymeric insulators, which run from low voltage to 800,000 volts.

About PPC Insulators

As a result of the union of several American and European factories which took place during last decades, PPC Insulators has 13 factories in nine countries and exports to 100 countries. With 4500 employees scattered throughout the world, the company is the world leader in the manufacture and development of electrical porcelain insulators for all voltage levels. Since 2006, PPC Insulators has been part of SEVES S.p.A.

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