Polar Technology Salutes Duquesne Light

Polar Technology Salutes Duquesne Light

duquesne_light_zero_award.jpg Utility Company Receives Polar Zero Award for Largest Carbon Emissions Reduction

Pittsburgh, PA, October 14, 2008 –Duquesne Light has been awarded a Polar ZERO Award for having the Largest Volume Carbon Emissions Reduction in 2007 at Finepoint's Circuit Breaker Test & Maintenance Conference in Pittsburg, PA. The award is a program implemented by Nashville, TN-based Polar Technology as part of a nationwide environmental initiative to encourage businesses to engage in environmental stewardship.

The Polar ZERO Awards recognize businesses that have made significant accomplishments in reducing carbon emissions and minimizing the company's carbon footprint.

“We encourage companies to “seek ZERO” as it relates to the carbon footprint for their businesses,” said Ted Atwood, President/Founder of Polar Technology. “Polar ZERO is a program that creates awareness of the environmental impact of the industry while practicing a sound business model.”

In 2007, Duquesne Light sent in 7,995 pounds of SF6 gas to Polar Technology to be recycled. By recycling this gas, they prevented 91,942.5 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. This is equivalent to:

  • The CO2 absorbed by 2,138,674 trees over 10 years, or
  • The CO2 emitted by 18,020.7 cars during one year, or
  • The generation of 10,665.3 house-years of electricity, or
  • The use of 9,499,867 gallons of gasoline.

    “We are very excited to honor Duquesne Light with this award,” continued Ted Atwood. “They are environmental stewards in this industry and should be saluted by us all.”

    Polar ZERO is a program that creates awareness of the environmental impact of the industry while practicing a sound business model. It is a program that encourages companies to “seek ZERO” in their businesses and promotes the fact that a company can be environmentally responsible without sacrificing profits at the same time. It is a program that recognizes the significant accomplishments of companies as they strive to become greater environmental stewards each year.

    For more information about Polar Technology visit www.refrigerantauthority.com or call 615-834-0233.

    About Polar Technology

    Polar Technology is a refrigerant and HVAC company and is known as “The Refrigerant Authority.” Proprietary technologies combined with a strong environmental sense of purpose and place and a forthright philosophy on how it wishes to conduct its business are the playing fields that will separate Polar Technology from its competition. Polar Technology promises to be fair and reasonable in its business practices and employs knowledgeable people who want to convince you that your business and the environment will benefit from doing business with Polar Technology. Polar Technology operates as a Carbon-Sync (greater-than-zero carbon footprint) company. As a result of the operational efficiencies, technological advantages Polar has achieved and the environmental responsibility mantra of the company, Polar Technology wants to actively encourage its customers (and their customers) be mitigate their respective Carbon footprints on the environment.

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