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This Place Is Big, But How Far Have I Walked?

This Place Is Big, But How Far Have I Walked?

My first stop of the day was the Pike Engineering booth to see some old friends. None of them were there. It seems there was a meeting going on somewhere. Does that sound familiar? So, I made a new friend, Paul Smith. We talked about the show and the size of the place. I wondered how far I walk each day. Well, Pike solves problems. Paul pulled out a pedometer. He set it up for me and told me to get walking (nicely of course). At the end of the day, I had logged over 3 miles! If I do that each day, I will have walked over 9 miles (not counting the trips back and forth to the hotel). I am staying at one of the walking hotels. You better be in good shape for these hotels, by the way.
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