Pacific Gas & Electric Selects Silchem Marketing Silicone Grease

Pacific Gas & Electric Selects Silchem Marketing Silicone Grease

silchem_tube.jpgOctober 1, 2008, Encinitas, CA -- Pacific Gas & Electric Company has approved Silchem™ Marketing's SM7704 dielectric silicone grease for use in the installation and maintenance of all low voltage and high voltage underground molded rubber products. PG&E performed mechanical testing and field evaluation to ensure ease of application and acceptance by field crews and installers.

Silchem will initially supply the high dielectric strength product in a 5.3 oz clear tube. Silchem is the only supplier to supply dielectric silicone for high-voltage applications in clear tubes recognizing that it is the only means PG&E line crews and installers have to visually ensure the silicone is clean and free of contamination. A contamination free product is critical in a high voltage cable accessory application preventing future tracking along cable accessory interfaces and the potential failure of the molded rubber connector due to flashover.

About Silchem™ Marketing

Silchem™ Marketing is a registered WBE business and has been certified by the

California Public Utility Commission. Founded in 1994 the company has been providing

the electric utility industry with high quality silicone products for utility underground

distribution applications as well as silicone coating products for substation and

equipment bushing applications.


Silchem™ Marketing Inc.

P.O. Box 231487, Encinitas, CA 92023 USA

Phone: 760-798-4390

Fax: 901-328-1427

Email: [email protected]


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