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Our Future

Our Future

Have you given much thought to our future engineers and technicians? Our PES sure has. I have talked with Pat Ryan the IEEE PES executive director and Tommy Mayne the executive director T&D North America and they are very passionate about the subject. Pat and Tommy are up to their necks in the student program. I just don't know how they do it with all the other responsibilities they have.

Take a look at the student activities that are planned for the T&D Expo. They have mixers, sessions, breakfasts, networking, career guidance, the Collegiate?GOLD/Industry luncheon, and many more activities scheduled. Tommy told me that PES started a program to bring high schoolers to the Expo in New Orleans and had a great response. They didn't what to let that pass, so they are doing it again in Orlando. At the last count, over 50 students were signed up! Those are high school students (in addition to all the college students). Pat and Tommy believe it really pays to get these kids started as early as possible.

Stop by the IEEE PES booth on teh exhibit floor and ask one of the folks there about these programs and the others PES is sponsoring to counter the brain-drain the industry is experiencing.

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