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The Official Invitation

The Official Invitation

I realized I was behind in planning when I received my official invitation for the 2012 PES T&D Expo. The mailman brought me a stack of mail one day and this old school postcard fell out on the floor and I realized I hadn't made reservations for the hotel, airlines, and all the other things needed to be done, but the card stopped me short.

Most importantly, there are events, vendors, and just plain fun this year's Expo to plan for. I know "icksnay" on the fun aspect.

You are probably thinking, "How do I go to the boss and get permission to go to an event that has fun too?" Well I had those problems too - that is until I started my own company. Now I work twice as hard, but I don't have to worry about the boss and I take opportunities for fun where I find them. When I worked at a utility it wasn't unusual to put in 60 hour plus weeks, so why not have a little fun with work.

The main reason I want to go to the T&D Expo is to learn, but I have found learning is improved with a little relaxation (fun) added. So tell your boss you need to learn more about the smart grid technologies and the fun is going to help you retain what you learn.

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